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We have recently updated our Hotel Database for many destinations from 105 countries. The most popular destinations on has been Bangkok, Paris, Frankfurt, Zurich, Amsterdam, Johannesburg and Singapore.

We hope you enjoy your visit to; Most of our content is still in English, but many of our travel guide's covering the Middle East and the Asia Pacific Region have been translated into Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesian, Thai and the Russian language.

Every week, we will introduce some hotel properties from a local or global chain of properties. The following properties have been updated today such as from Hilton (Worldwide), Novotel (Worldwide), Romantik (Germany), Protea (South Africa), Aston (Hawaii), Rotana (Middle East), Radisson (Worldwide), Ramada (Worldwide), Renaissance (Worldwide), Rica, Top, Scandic (Europe), Sheraton (Worldwide), Sofitel (Worldwide), Barcelo (Worldwide), Sokos (Finland), Sorat (Germany), Staybridge (U.S.), Swissotel (Worldwide), Moevenpick, Thistle (Europe), Oberoi (Asia) and Nikko (Worldwide).
Bahamas Travel GuideBahamas Travel Guide
Everybody in hunt of the ideal beach should consider the Islands of the Bahamas. The majority beaches are unspoiled and incredibly white; with the white sand so fine it feels soft when you touch the sand. The beaches on the Bahamas are often coupled with shallow, transparent water for hundreds of meters out to the sea, rising softly to sandbars before finally dropping into the ocean. Grand Bahama Island boasts a number of the most gorgeous and stimulating beaches on all of the beaches of the Bahamas...
Canada Travel GuideCanada Travel Guide
Among a population of approximately 33 million citizens, the majority of Canada's residents are living within 160 kilometers� from the US border. There is lot of differences and mixtures when we consider about the ethnic characteristic of Canada. Even traditions & ethnicity varies from province to province but Asian, Arab, European and migrants from South America have united with the Canadian population and culture and every one of them lives in agreement to respect each others culture, religion and traddition.
China Travel GuideChina Travel Guide - 博览我的中国 - Khám phá Trung Quốc - الصفحة الرئيسية - Menjelajah Cina
The capital city of the Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia is called Hohhot and according to the 2006 census, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has twenty-five million inhabitants. Inner Mongolia shares borders with Heilongjiang Province, Jilin Province, Liaoning Province, Hebei Province, Shanxi Province, Shaanxi Province, Gansu Province and the Autonomous Region of Ningxia Hui. Read on at our China Travel Guide, our China Sitemap or try our Chinese/English/Chinese Online Dictionary...
Malaysia Travel GuideMalaysia Travel Guide - 槟城旅游指南 - دليل المسافر الى ماليزيا - Du lịch Malaysia
Malaysia is located in the middle of Southeast Asia and just North of the Equator. Consisting of 3300000 square kilometers, Malaysia is divided into two major regions. The first is West Malaysia, which maintains borders with Southern Thailand and the Republic of Singapore; and East Malaysia, which maintains borders with Indonesia and Brunei on the island of Borneo. Putrajaya is the home of the Federal Government of Malaysia ever since the Government encouraged moving the Federal Government.
Hong Kong Travel GuideHong Kong Travel Guide
Hong Kong is the world's 2nd major container shipping port and the third largest financial center and the world's largest exporter of toys, clothing and other textiles from Mainland China. Hong Kong is regarded as one of the most significant business, commerce and trade regions in all of Asia. As a result of this, very few visitors could possibly dispute the fact that Hong Kong is one of the best locations for shopping in the entire world.
India Travel GuideIndia Travel Guide - Tamil
Our India Travel Guide provides the most recent online travel information on India. We offer an introduction of all states in India. This Travel Guide have been developed in English, Bengali and partially in Tamil. We start with the Pink City - Jaipur, which is the capital city of the state of Rajasthan. It has been added on tourist itineraries as the third corner of India's Golden Triangle. Jaipur is about 320 kilometers from Delhi and one-hundred-ninety kilometers from Agra, which is renowned for the Taj Mahal.
Indonesia Travel GuideIndonesia Travel Guide - Mengenal Indonesia - مقدمة عن جمهورية أندونسيا
Indonesia maintains borders its island Kalimantan with Malaysia. Tourism has not much developed in this part of the country and so it is not among the favorite haunts of tourists who come to Indonesia for that matter. However, very near the coast of Singapore are the Batam Islands located. The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta which enjoys a special territory and the status of a province. Being such a place of importance Jakarta enjoys maximum security and is the Economic Center of Indonesia. Please visit our Indonesian/English Dictionary/Kamus bahasa Inggris (20/3/2009)
Jamaica Travel GuideJamaica Travel Guide
Since 1999 our Jamaica Travel Guide has attracted thousands of visitors to Kingston, Montego Bay, Negril, Port Antonio, Ocho Rios and Mandeville. Jamaica is situated to the south of Cuba and is the third largest island of the Antilles in the West Indies. From each magnificent sunrise to the end of the day, Jamaica offers an exceptional cultural experience and charm that has made Jamaica one of the most appreciated destinations in the Caribbean...
Oman Travel GuideOman Travel Guide
The Sultanate of Oman is bordered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen. On the east coast of Oman is the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman. Muscat is the national capital of the Sultanate of Oman and is a sophisticated city but free from the hustle and flurry found in many of Arabia's other capital cities such as Dubai, Amman or Beirut. The climate and weather in Muscat is obviously dissimilar to that of the Dhofar region...
Spain Travel GuideSpain Travel Guide
The culture of Barcelona is one of the main attractions for international visitors to Spain. There are bars, restaurants and hotels which cater to every nationality, so whatever nationality you are prone to find someone that speaks your local language. Madrid is the capital of Spain and it too has a lively nightlife that carries on, it seems, through the night and leads straight into the next night. All of the islands in the Balearic are quite close together, but they are very unusual to look at as each island is diverse...
Thailand Travel GuideThailand Travel Guide - สวัสดีครับ - مقدمة عن تايلند
Initially called Siam, Thailand is a kingdom rich in traditions and natural splendor. It has been blessed with extensive natural parks, lush plains, distant jungles, beaches washed by a blue sea and tropical islands covered with continuous sunshine. The kingdom has more noticeable chronological evidence of its past cultures than any other nation within ASEAN. Its past is complex, involving the incursion of many diverse peoples, the rule of different kings and the formation of different monarchies...
Tunisia Travel GuideTunisia Travel Guide - مرحبا بك في الجمهورية التونسية
Tunisia is more than an exceptional North African Holiday Destination to play golf all the way through the year. On a small frontage you can explore fascinating deserts with gorgeous oasis, chronological cities and excellent beaches. The coast of Tunisia is beautiful and towns such as Mahdia, Sousse, Sfax and Monastir are worth a visit as those beaches are very charming. One of the mores outstanding features of a visit to Tunisia is that all cities you visit have a long history...
UAE Travel GuideUnited Arab Emirates Travel Guide - دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة
We maintain the United Arab Emirates Guide currently in English for tourists and expatriates, an Arabic version - دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة for users from the Middle East and a Bengali version for citizens of South Asia. Our U.A.E. Travel Guide has important information for the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. We also host the Dubai Real-Estate Calculator. Because our U.A.E. Travel Guide has many pages, we created a Sitemap for our UAE Travel Guide in English and Arabic...
United Kingdom Travel GuideUnited Kingdom Travel Guide
Great Britain being a land of enormous combination has a rich history and legacy. What makes Great Britain different from the rest of Europe is that multi-ethnicity is part of the British culture and it offers a matchless opportunity for any visitors to the United Kingdom. England (London), Scotland (Edinburgh), Wales (Cardiff) and Northern Ireland (Belfast) combined forms Great Britain which is also known as the United Kingdom. My favored city has to be Edinburgh and the city of London as it offers so much historic and cultural background information.Search for hotels in London online. Online Hotel discounts
United States Travel GuideUnited States Travel Guide
Many tourists are drawn to the appeal of Chicago's waterfront as well as its bustling nightlife. Its upscale shopping, world-class cuisine, and impressive architecture also make it one of the most popular cities to visit in the United States. Accommodations range from luxury hotels in Chicago's cosmopolitan city center, in impressive resorts, and smaller motels on the city's outskirts. Similarly, if you're traveling to another city like Philadelphia or Chicago... knowledgetoaction traders university

Croatia Travel GuideCroatia Yachting Travel Guide
Dedicated yachtsmen know where to go: Croatia. There is no other place that resembles the Croatian coastline, with its many bays, beaches, ports and marinas. The natural harbours are what experienced navigators and passionate amateurs alike want. The Croatian waters are quite a treat for boatmen; not to mention the abundance of islands, most of which are not inhabited. Dubrovnik or the Makarska Riviera are beautiful places to start, but there are so many other beautiful islands in Croatia it is difficult to go far wrong!

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